Wordscapes level 220 Cloud 12 Answers & Walkthrough

Wordscapes level 220 Walkthrough and Answer

Do you not find the way out? Here is the Answer so you can try to escape from the Wordscapes level 220 (Cloud 12) with extra words so you can not lack with words options.

Wordscapes level 220 Answer with Extra words


Extra words: 

Cod, Doc, Cor, Eco, Orc, Rec, Roc, Der, Doe, Dor, Ode, Red, Rod, Oer, Ore, Reo, Roe.

Code, Coed, Cord, Cred, Deco, Cero, Core, Doer, Dore, Redo, Rode.

Coder, Cored, Credo, Décor.

Let’s learn new words today: 

Cod: a sizable saltwater fish that has a tiny barbel on its chin.


Cor: expressing astonishment, delight, awe, or alarm

Eco:environmental protection; eco-friendly.

Orc:(in fantasy literature and games) a person who belongs to an imagined race of warlike, malicious, and hideous humanoids.

Rec:an area for recreation.

Roc: a huge mythical bird that appears in The Arabian Nights.

Der: Uncharged molecules are attracted to one another by weak, short-range electrostatic forces that result from the interaction of either permanent or cyclical electric dipole moments.

Doe:a female deer, particularly one that is roe, fallow, or reindeer.


Dor: a sizable, black dung beetle that creates holes for its offspring to grow and droning noises while flying.

Ode: a lyric poetry with uneven or erratic metre, usually one that takes the form of an address to a particular subject.

Rod:a narrow straight bar, particularly one made of metal or wood

Ore: a naturally occurring solid material from which a valuable mineral or metal can be successfully and profitably removed.

Roe: the quantity of eggs found in a female fish or shellfish’s ovaries, especially when ripe and used for food; the ovaries in their entirety.

Code: a set of words, letters, numbers, or symbols that are used to represent other people, especially for secretive purposes.

Coed: a female pupil in a coeducational school.


Cord: Several twisted strands of thin, flexible rope or cord.

Cero: a sizable fish that belongs to the mackerel family and is a key source of food in the tropical. western Atlantic.

Doer: a performer is someone who.

Redo: Do it once more or differently.

Coder:a person who creates computer programmes in code.

Cored: Remove the seeds and abrasive centre portion of (a fruit).

Credo: a declaration of the principles or objectives that direct someone’s behaviour.


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Wordscapes level 220 ANSWER

If we talk about the advantages, we should mention that science also suggests 15 minutes of mental exercise every day, and these games are designed with mental exercise in mind. You’ll be shocked to learn that this is true. The growth of thinking capacity and deliberation inside you happens very quickly if you play this sort of game every day for only 15 minutes. However, you should only play it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time because too much is usually detrimental. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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