Wordscapes level 186 Rays 10 Answers & Walkthrough

Wordscapes level 186 Walkthrough and Answer

Do you not find the way out? Here is the Answer so you can try to escape from the Wordscapes level 186 (Rays 10) with extra words so you can not lack with words options.

Wordscapes level 186 Answer with Extra words


Extra words: 

Dam, Dim, Dom, Mad, Man, Mid, Mod, Mon, Nam, Nim, Nom, Aim, Ami, Mai, Moa, Moi, And, Dan, Din, Don.

Damn, Mind, Amid, Amin, Mado, Maid, Main, Mano, Mina, Moan, Mona, Noma, Moai, Dino, Dona, Nodi, Naoi.

Admin, Monad, Nomad, Amido, Amino, Amnio, Danio.

Daimon, Domain. 


Let’s learn new words today: 

Dim:Not shining brightly or clearly (of a light, colour, or lit item)

Mad: annihilation guaranteed by one another.

Mid: of, at the centre of, or in a place within a range.

Mon: a person who belongs to a group of people who today live in parts of southern Burma (Myanmar) and western Thailand but who once had their historic capital at Pegu.

Nam:a thin, sour sauce prepared from fermented fish (used in Thai cuisine).

Nim: a game where two players remove objects from one of several heaps in turn, one trying to grab the last object left or forcing the other to take it.


Nom: a suggestion for a recognition, prize, etc.

Ami:Early on: a darling, companion, or lover. Later: specifically a male sweetheart, boyfriend, or companion.

Mai: a drink made with curaçao, light rum, and fruit juices.a gelatinous material made from a specific type of aloe that is used mostly in cosmetics to soften or calm the skin.

Dan: any 10 levels of advanced judo or karate proficiency

Damn:(According to Christian doctrine) be decreed by God to endure an eternity of torture in hell

Mind: the component of a person that gives them the ability to be conscious of their thoughts and feelings, as well as their experiences in the environment.

Amid: encircled by; in the midst of


Mado: a little yellowish sea fish that lives near eastern Australia and New Zealand. It has brown longitudinal stripes.

Mano: a West African river. It originates in northwestern Liberia and flows south-west to the Atlantic Ocean, defining the border between Sierra Leone and Liberia for a portion of its length.

Mina:a measure of value that was once common in Greece and the Middle East and was equal to one mina’s weight in silver. (Some English editions of the New Testament render it as “pound”).

Mona:a West African guenon with a pink muzzle and a bluish-grey face. The groaning call of the female is peculiar.

Dino: A member of the Democratic Party who is simply a Democrat in name only is one who more liberal party members deem to be excessively conservative.

Nodi: a challenge, challenge, or complexity.

Admin:the management of a company, organisation, etc.


Amino:the NH2 group, which is found in numerous amines, amides, and amino acids.

Danio: a small, native to South and SE Asia, freshwater fish that is frequently vividly coloured.

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Wordscapes level 186 ANSWER

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