Wordscapes level 168 Wind 8 Answers & Walkthrough

Wordscapes level 168 Walkthrough and Answer

Do you not find the way out? Here is the Answer so you can try to escape from the Wordscapes level 168 (Wind 8) with extra words so you can not lack with words options.

Wordscapes level 168 Answer with Extra words


Extra words: 

Dun, Und, Den, Due, End, Ned, Nus, Sun, Uns, Dee, Ens, Nee, Sen, Sue, Use, Ese, See.

Dune, Duns, , Unde, Dene, Dens, Deus, Dues, Ends, Neds, Need, Nuee, Send, Sned, Sued, Used, Dees, Esne, Seed, Seen.

Dunes, Endue, Nudes, Undee, Denes, Dense, Ensue, Needs, Suede.

Endues, Ensued. 


Let’s learn new Words today:  

Dun: drab and greyish-brown in colour

Und: a late 18th-century literary and artistic movement that originated in Germany, motivated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and was notable for its emotional outpouring and rejection of neoclassical literary conventions.

Den: a lair is a wild animal’s secret residence.

Due: anticipated or arranged for at a specific moment

End:a conclusion to something, particularly to a time frame, an activity, or a story.

Ens: a measurement that is half an em wide and roughly the width of typeset characters that is used to determine how much space will be needed overall for a text.

Sen: a unit of exchange for dollars, riels, rupiahs, and ringgits in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is equal to 100ths of a dollar in Brunei, 100 riels in Cambodia, 100 rupiahs in Indonesia, and 100 ringgits in Malaysia.


Sue:initiate legal action against (a person or organization), usually to seek redress

Dune: a sand or other loose material pile or ridge created by the wind, particularly along a sea shore or in a desert

Duns: persistently pursue (someone), particularly to collect a debt

Nude:a naked human figure depicted in art (pictures, sculptures, etc.)

Dene: a valley, particularly the deep, constrained, and forested valley of a small river

Deus: an unexpected event or power rescuing a situation that seems hopeless, especially as a fabricated story element in a play or book.

Sned: prune or trim (something)


Neds: a small-time offender or thug.

Endue: bestow or grant a quality or skill

Nudes:a shade of clothing or makeup that resembles the wearer’s skin tone

Denes: a low, deserted sandhill or sandy area along the sea.

Ensue: happen, follow, or take place as a result.

Endues:bestow or grant a quality or skill

Ensued: happen, follow, or take place as a result.


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Wordscapes level 168 ANSWER

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