Wordscapes level 119 (Arch 7) ANSWER and Walkthrough

Wordscapes level 119 Walkthrough

Do you not find the way out? Here is the Answer so you can try to escape from the Wordscapes level 119 with extra words so you can not lack with words options.

Wordscapes level 119 ANSWER


Extra Answers: 

Cut, Coo, Cos, Cot, Soc, Ous, Out, Sou, Sus, Tut, Uts, Oos, Oot, Sos, Sot, Too, Tot.

Coco, Cuss, Cuts, Scut, Coos, Coot, Coss, Cost, Cots, Scot, Socs, Toco, Tutu, Oust, Outs, Sous, Tout, Tuts, Oots, Osso, Otto, Soot, Sots, Stot, Toot, Toss, Tost, Toto, Tots.

Cocos, Cusso, Scout, Scuts, Coots, Costs, Scoot, Scots, Tocos, Tutus, Ousts, Stout, Touts, Ottos, Soots, Sotto, Stots, Toots.

Cuscus, Stucco, Cutout, Custos, Scouts, Scoots, Stouts.


Stuccos, Cutouts.

Couscous, Tucotuco.

Let’s learn something new today: 

Coo: used to show displeasure or annoyance.

Cos: a lettuce variety with narrow, crisp leaves that form a tall head.

Cot: a small bed for a baby or very young child with high barred sides.

Sus: giving the impression that something is shady or untrustworthy; suspicious.

Sot: habitually consume alcoholic beverages.


Tot: a smidgeon of a strong alcoholic beverage like whisky or brandy.

Cuss: an obnoxious or obstinate person or animal.

Scut: a person who is thought to be foolish, repulsive, or objectionable.

Coot: A rail-like aquatic bird with blackish plumage, lobed feet, and a horny shield-like bill that extends back on to the forehead.

Cots: a small bed for a baby or very young child with high barred sidest.

Scot: a payment equal to a current tax, rate, or other assessed contribution.

Stot: bounce against a surface or cause a surface to bounce.


Scout: a soldier or other person dispatched ahead of a main force to gather intelligence on the enemy’s position, strength, or movements.

Tutus: a female ballet dancer’s costume consisting of a bodice and an attached skirt with multiple layers of fabric, either short and stiff and projecting horizontally from the waist (the classical tutu) or long, soft, and bell-shaped (the contemporary tutu) (the romantic tutu).

Ottos: Rose essential oil is a fragrant essential oil made from rose petals.

Scoots: go somewhere quickly or leave somewhere quickly.

Custos: (in England and Wales) the county’s principal Justice of the Peace, who has nominal custody of the commission of the peace’s records. The Lord Lieutenant is usually in charge of this role.

Cutouts: a cut-out shape made of board or another material.

Tucotuco: a rat-like rodent native to South America that burrows.


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Wordscapes level 119 ANSWER

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Wordscapes level 119 Video Answer

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