Wordscapes level 110 (Pass 14) ANSWER and Walkthrough

Wordscapes level 110 Walkthrough

Do you not find the way out? Here is the Answer so you can try to escape from the Wordscapes level 110 with extra words so you can not lack with words options.

Wordscapes level 110 ANSWER


Bib, Ebb, Beg, Big, Gib, Ben, Bin, Egg, Gig, Igg, Neb, Nib, Bee, Eng, Gen, Gin, Gee, Gie, Inn, Nee.

Bibi, Bing, Gibe, Been, Bene, Bien, Bine, Gene, Gien, Nene, Nine.

Begin, Being, Binge, Beige, Benne, Benni, Genie, Genii, Innie.

Ebbing, Biggin, Gibing, Benign, Biggie, Geeing, Gieing, Engine.

Gibbing, Nibbing, Binging, Inbeing.



Let’s learn something new today: 

Bib: a piece of cloth or plastic worn around a child’s neck to keep his or her clothes clean while eating.

Ebb: the outward movement of the tide.

Beg: request something from someone earnestly or humbly.

Gin: a clear alcoholic spirit flavored with juniper berries and distilled from grain or malt.

Gen: Electronic news gathering is a term used to describe the process of gathering information through the use of electronic devices.

Nib: The part of a pen’s pointed end that distributes ink on the writing surface.


Bing: a heap, especially one containing metallic ore or mine waste.

Gibe: a taunt; an insulting or mocking remark.

Bene: (used in a written text to draw attention to what follows) pay close attention to or pay special attention to.

Bien: In terms of attitude, it’s either traditional or orthodox.

Bine: a climbing plant’s long, flexible stem, especially the hop.

Gene: (informally) a unit of heredity that is passed down from a parent to offspring and is used to determine a characteristic of the offspring.

Binge: a period of overindulgence in a particular activity, such as eating, drinking, or using drugs.


Beige: a light sand-colored fawn.

Genie: a spirit from Arabian folklore who, when summoned, is often depicted as being imprisoned in a bottle or oil lamp and capable of granting wishes.

Innie: a navel that is concave.

Ebbing: (of tidewater) recede; move away from the land.

Binging: overindulge in a particular activity, such as eating, drinking, or using drugs.

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Benefits of playing this game

Wordscapes level 110 ANSWER

If we talk about the advantages, we should mention that science also suggests 15  minutes of mental exercise every day, and these games are designed with mental exercise in mind. You’ll be shocked to learn that this is true. The growth of thinking capacity and deliberation inside you happens very quickly if you play this sort of game every day for only 15 minutes. However, you should only play it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time because too much is usually detrimental. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


Wordscapes level 110 Video Answer

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